Restoration of Sculptures


Whilst in transit, sculptures, because of their size, dimensions or physical make up, are difficult to handle. Frequently objects get damaged during the move. Transport […]

The Cleaning of Paintings


The cleaning of paintings is a very delicate and time consuming task. Broadly one can differentiate between: surface cleaning  varnish removal  removal of over-paint Depending […]

Gold and Silver Leafing

For more then 7000 years, mankind decorated all sorts of surfaces and items that presented an idealistic value with fine layers of gold. For this […]

Not all the glitters is made of Gold.
The advent of the gold bronze paint.

Gilding in its traditional sense means covering a surface with sheets of Gold Leaf. Broadly one differentiates between oil and water gilding techniques. This was […]

The Reverse Side of Paintings

Discoveries on the reverse side of paintings sometimes reveal the true story behind a pretty facade   Paper stuck to the reverse of paintings and […]

Custom Design and Manufacture of a Period Picture Frame

Some times a slightly unusual approach has to be taken to achieve the desired results. A picture frame in its traditional sense is a wooden moulding, […]

Restoring Miniatures

On a visit to Vienna in search of a reputable Miniature restorer, I was told there were one or two. Unfortunately I could not find […]

Over painted paintings
Early cases of plastic surgery

It does not happen often, but ever now and again one of those cases comes along. Here someone did not like the original looks of […]