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Restoration of a Coat of Arms

This Coat of Arms is housed in the Michaelis Collection on Greenmarket Square in Cape Town. It was entirely over-painted. The project was challenging on many levels. The museum was open to the public during the time of refurbishment. In order to provide a thoroughfare for […]


Custom Design and Manufacturing of Display Stands for African Works of Art

Custom design and manufacturing stands for African Works of Art is very interesting challenge. The task is to provide the artwork with a solid support platform and at the same time keep the stand more or less invisible. The viewer should appreciate the artwork with […]

Custom Design and Manufacture of a Period Picture Frame

Some times a slightly unusual approach has to be taken to achieve the desired results. A picture frame in its traditional sense is a wooden moulding, machined, carved or stuccoed, mitred  joined, primed, leafed or painted and then put around a painting. The right choice of […]