Picture Frame Restoration – Fitting a loose ornament

Is this Painting a Fake ?

A question of a rather interesting nature. 1.Who do you ask and whom can you trust? Your own eye Most importantly one can say “only […]


    Removing discoloured varnish from an oil painting When removing varnish from a painting one winds a small ball of cotton wool around a […]


This African piece was carved out of one solid piece of wood. Size: 195 x 68.5 x 5 cm  Origin: Côte d’Ivoire Material: Painted Wood It had […]

The Benefits of having a Painting Restored

According to the dictionary restoration means: “The act or process of returning something to its original condition by repairing it, cleaning, stabilizing or consolidating it. The […]

On Value

What is the value of an Artwork If an artist sneezes into a piece of paper and someone is prepared to pay a Million Dollars […]

Replacing Missing Ornaments on Period Picture Frames

Most frames, we regard as “old” were crafted by hand. Ornaments, made of “Compo” ( Gesso* with a dow like consistency), are adhered onto a […]

Restoration of a Coat of Arms

This Coat of Arms is housed in the Michaelis Collection on Greenmarket Square in Cape Town. It was entirely over-painted. The project was challenging on […]

Custom Design and Manufacturing of Display Stands for African Works of Art


Custom design and manufacturing stands for African Works of Art is very interesting challenge. The task is to provide the artwork with a solid support […]

Restoration of Sculptures


Whilst in transit, sculptures, because of their size, dimensions or physical make up, are difficult to handle. Frequently objects get damaged during the move. Transport […]