What does the Restoration of an Artwork cost

According to our records restoration costs can range from R 120 to R 68400.-

“How much” is an important question for you as the owner and a complex one for me the restorer without having seen and examined the object.

Artworks cannot be restored by the square meter and the magic cleaning solution does not exist. They are, just like their creators, complex and highly individual by nature. Each and every item requires, deserves and needs specific attention and treatment

Paintings, sculptures and other objects brought to us for restoration will first be examined and photographically documented. A report will be compiled detailing the condition of the work and an estimate of the cost of the restoration will be established. Estimates are preliminary only and subject to change based on first hand inspection and further research.
The client will be consulted at all times should estimates and work schedules change.

Deposit: Once the client has decided to proceed with the restoration a 30% deposit is required to commence with the actual restoration.

Hourly Rate: Regardless of the actual value of the artwork our hourly rate
ranges from R 400.- to R 700.- depending on the intricacy of the job.

Valuations, insurance related cases, in situ consultations, collecting of artworks and deliveries are charged at R 400.00 per hour.

Payment: Our terms are strictly COD unless prior arrangements have been made.
Outstanding accounts will be charged at 2% interest per month.

Storage: After the restoration has been completed, the first 7 days of storage are free of charge, thereafter a storage fee of R 25.00 per day will be levied. Artworks stored for longer than 2 months will be sold to defray expenses.

To assist you in defining the condition of your artwork, use our preliminary assessment form (PDF) and try to answer
as many of the questions as you can.

If possible document the areas of your concern with detailed photographs, as they can give a clearer understanding of what needs to be done to restore the work and send them with the completed form to

By doing so, the dialogue between restorer and client, becomes a lot clearer.