“l’acqua cheta rompe i ponti”

Water is an integral part of making a painting.
However as water can make it, water can brake it as well.
A geyser has burst, the roof was leaking, a window was left open or a fire was extinguished … there are plenty of unfortunate events when water finds its way onto an artwork.
Most of the time it leaves streaky marks that are running down the painted surface.

What to do ?

  • Switch off the water
  • Document your findings with photographs, date and time
  • Take the painting off the wall and out of the risky environment
  • Find a dry room
  • Lean the painting at an angle face forward against the wall
  • Call +27 84 290 3315
  • Disaster Management, Damage Control, First Aid
As everything else in restoration, taking care of water damaged works is not straight forward either.
Factors that determine which route to take are:
  • How long ago did it happen ?
  • Where did the water come from ?
  • What chemicals or minerals could be in the water ?
  • What is the physical makeup of the work ?
  • Is it varnished ?
  • Which pigments and binders were used by the artist ?
  • What support is the painting on ? Canvas, board, paper ?
  • Did anyone attempt a repair already ?

Disaster Management, Damage Control, First Aid
Call +27 84 290 3315