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Is this Painting a Fake ?

A question of a rather interesting nature. 1.Who do you ask and whom can you trust? Your own eye Most importantly one can say “only buy what you personally like and can live with”. But is your new pride and joy authentic ? If you pay […]

The Benefits of having a Painting Restored

According to the dictionary restoration means: “The act or process of returning something to its original condition by repairing it, cleaning, stabilizing or consolidating it. The act of bringing back something that existed before.” A variety of circumstances can obscure the original beauty of a painting: […]

The Value of Artworks

    What is the value of a Work of Art ? If a young girl sneezes into a piece of paper and someone is prepared to pay 100000$ for it, then its value is 100000$, as absurd as this might sound. Value, measured in […]