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    Removing discoloured varnish from an oil painting When removing varnish from a painting one winds a small ball of cotton wool around a wooden stick to form a cotton bud. This is then dipped into the solvent and disposed onto the varnished surface […]

The Benefits of having a Painting Restored

According to the dictionary restoration means: “The act or process of returning something to its original condition by repairing it, cleaning, stabilizing or consolidating it. The act of bringing back something that existed before.” A variety of circumstances can obscure the original beauty of a painting: […]

On Value

What is the value of an Artwork If an artist sneezes into a piece of paper and someone is prepared to pay a Million Dollars for it, then its value is one Million Dollars. Value, measured in a monetary sense, relating to works of art […]


The Cleaning of Paintings

The cleaning of paintings is a very delicate and time consuming task. Broadly one can differentiate between: surface cleaning  varnish removal  removal of over-paint Depending on the nature of the substance that covers the original paint structure a variety of solvents, soaps, enzymes and mechanical […]